The Day Before The First Day

As of midnight tonight the Straight Edge Project begins. No drinking, drugs, smoking, caffeine, masturbation, or fast food for 30 days. I will elaborate more at a later date cuz I am really fucking hung over right now, and the theory is that once I start to sober up, over the course of this project, I will become more clear headed and need new things to fill my time. Hopefully this experiment will not fail and I will be able to document shit here on a regular basis.

Later tonight I will be at the bar enjoying my last night of drinking and smoking. UdaMAN enjoyed hers last night. Since she ended the night by projectile vomiting all over my house (bathroom, Scurtis room, and herself) she should have no trouble giving up drinking for awhile after a night like that. I don’t know about you, but when I vomit like that I often utter the phrase “never again”. I just hope she’s not dead & makes it to her 1st day of school this morning. When I kicked her she seemed dead??

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