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  • Droppin Boxes

    OK this project has been in my hopper for awhile now I am finally going to get it underway. Twitter is just way easier for me to bang shit out with in 140 characters whether I am driving or pooping or can’t get out of bed. It is part of the reason I have been […]

  • I Like Audiobooks

    My fist Facebook condo in over a year: Hey! Aren’t you into the audio books? I was thinking about trying one and wondered if you had any tips or how you buy them or where or anything? Let me know. Thanks! Yes, very much so. I have quite a solid existing library that I could […]


    New New guy at work said: “Yeah, I got Flash installed on my Mac I am going to get around to learning how to use it soon.” Me: “Well, now that would just be a giant waste of your time, right?” NNG: (polite laugh) NNG (inside his head): “Oh, yeah right I probably shouldn’t bragged […]


    That cake is just all kinds of AWESOME! I drew that logo so many times on folders, papers, notebooks in High School. Why the fuck did I never think to make a cake? As stoned as I was during High School listening to SLAYER cake would have been good munchies. Yes, SLAYER is one of […]

  • Song of Fire Questions

    Don’t spoil shit for me, but I have a question. I am bout 25% through Crows and they keep talking about these fucking Dornish motherfuckers. Yea the Red Viper was the shit and that fight with Killgane was AWESOME! I am so sad he lost, he was do close to taking down the mountain. Anyway […]

  • Open email to Dad, NetFlix, Apple, Amazon

    Original email I was responding to: Could Amazon buy Netflix?- MSN Money link I think this is highly unlikely. Amazon’s service on its own is just as good as NetFlix minus the larger library. The biggest thing driving NetFlix’s larger streaming library is the Starz content (I am sure you have seen their logo when […]

  • Bon Jovi Drinks Semen

    In 4th grade a rumor spread that Jon Bon Jovi swallowed so much semen he had to go to the hospital and get his stomach pumped. To this day I think of that rumor every time Bon Jovi comes up. At age 9 I didn’t even know what semen was. Now porn has taught me […]

  • Watch Blue Mountain State

    and follow @thadcastle on Twitter good laughs like this.

  • Cleaning House

    Why have I saved this comic all these years? And in paper form none the less. If I really want to save something I need to put it here on hjays.

  • I like White Noise to go to Sleep

    Found this new white noise album that I really like to go to sleep to. It is the sounds of sucking, slurping, and humming made by girls giving blowjobs. You know real soft, slow, and subtle like so you can go to sleep to it. OK I didn’t really find that, but what a great […]

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