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  • 20 Days Later

    Well, needless to say the Strait Edge Project failed miserably. UdaMAN and I made it only 9 days and then on day 10 (a Thursday) decided to get fucked up in preparation for a party on Friday. From that point I was drunk every evening from Thursday – Tuesday.

  • Day 8 & 9

    Well, I got really busy yesterday, and was unable to find time to post. Lately all I can think about is weather or not to scrap the entire project. I am sick of being a shut in and I want to go out and do something. The other problem with that is that I am […]

  • Day 7

    Tonight is a softball night, I usually get drunk on softball night during or after the game and well yes sometimes even before. I expect to have no trouble abstaining tonight. However, on Friday night one of my friends is having a Birthday/Kegger and I thinking maybe a break from the strait edge project would […]

  • Day 6

    So I made it through Sunday which was by far the most difficult day as of yet. Honestly, I haven’t been sober on a Sunday for at least 3 years. Workdays are much easier to get through since most of the day is already over once I punch out. When I got home today I […]

  • Day 5 The 1st Sunday

    Right now all I can think about it drinking, smoking & waking off. Seriously I would take anything right now. Pot, Pillz, I could open up my liquor cabinet and be feelin’ fine in less than 10min. This of course makes me want to give in to temptation even less. I mean fuck what fun […]

  • Day 4 a Saturday

    Well it has been a pretty standard Sat. actually. Except now I am on my way to a bonfire with some drinking buddies. It might be a little weird, but I am not to concerned. I have SMG here with me until noon tomorrow. After she goes home that when it is really gonna be […]

  • Day Fucking 3

    Yes you guessed it I am starting to get a little bit agitated. During my approx. hour commute to work I think of great shit to post here, but by the time I get to here I just get consumed & stressed out by all of the shit I have to get done. I will […]

  • The Day Before The First Day

    As of midnight tonight the Straight Edge Project begins. No drinking, drugs, smoking, caffeine, masturbation, or fast food for 30 days. I will elaborate more at a later date cuz I am really fucking hung over right now, and the theory is that once I start to sober up, over the course of this project, […]