Having a “Party” or “Having People Over”

At some point it seems that I grew out of having “parties” and instead would just have “people over”. Then I started thinking WTF is the difference. Both involve alcohol and with the people I usually “have over” or “have me over” this is usually a lot of alcohol. I don’t think that the number of people is what makes the distinction. Their were about 13 different people at my house on Saturday at one time or another including some strange dude who just walked in off the street (more on him later). Some people drove drunk some people slept over. There was singing, card playing, and I am pretty sure at some point their was even dancing. The night was fight free with maybe a little friendly verbal abuse, but that’s about it.

Now back to the stranger. I have no idea who let the stranger in, but he thought we were having a party. Now this might be where the distinction lies party implies that everyone is welcome while people over = invite only? Now clearly this fucker wasn’t invited and it kind of pissed me off that someone let this stranger in my house. You see although I did not know it at the time I did feel that I was just “having people over” because I knew everyone there all of my stuff was respected, nothing was broken, and even though some of them can’t seem to get all of their cigarette butts in the can the mess was very easy to clean up.

The other thing that I believe makes the distinction is and event or holiday. This will almost always turn your get together into a full blown party. The last parties that I was at were for Halloween, 4th of July, and the Super Bowl. These parties were filled with people that I did not know and had an everyone is welcome kind of atmosphere. On not all, but during most of the parties that I have attended over the years stuff does get destroyed, fights do break out, and the host shit is not respected.

So in conclusion if you have read this far you have pretty much waisted your fucking time. I don’t even think that this entry started out with any potential. I was still a little drunk from Saturday when I thought this shit up. However if you want to take something away from what you have read it would probably be this. Parties are fun to go to, but fucking suck to host most of the time, and like most other blogs out there this author is having a hard time generating interesting content.

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  1. That was an interesting blog. In retrospect, that stranger was a little ackward. Your sister and I tried to crack the case, and see if there was an actual neighbor having a party, but nothing was found. BTW, your recliner is a good place to sleep, for the 2 hours I did anyways.

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