Revised 12-10-06 (I have a domain & you are on it)

Due to my recent problems (2 months ago) with my email address, I have decided that it is time to purchase my own domain name. What is a domain name, well here is an example that should clear up that: or Pretty simple huh and they only cost like $9 for 5 years. After finding that price out I am not sure why I didn’t purchase one years ago.

Now I have already purchased the web hosting at $50 for the year and my current domain is HJAYS.COM and I will only be able to use that until Nov 2006. So I might as well do it sooner rather than later. With my $50 I get 10 email addresses that I can add to the domain name ( So, on to the point WTF should my domain name be?? It has to be simple and easy to spell allowing you to just verbally tell someone and they will be able to remember & spell it without writing it down.


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