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  • The Day Before The First Day

    As of midnight tonight the Straight Edge Project begins. No drinking, drugs, smoking, caffeine, masturbation, or fast food for 30 days. I will elaborate more at a later date cuz I am really fucking hung over right now, and the theory is that once I start to sober up, over the course of this project, […]

  • 112205344657830357

    Bad Trip for Online Drug Peddlers: “Operators of a handful of websites that sold experimental psychedelic drugs similar to LSD and mescaline can now look forward to life in prison. By David McCandless.” (Via Wired News.)

  • f***ng blog app (MarsEdit) wasn’t working right, …

    fucking blog app (MarsEdit) wasn’t working right, I had written something really cool, but now it is gone so just enjoy the link to the MP3. Napalm Death – Suffer The Children