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  • Eight Can Dump Soup

    I’m a single guy and often eat alone which means when it comes to cooking I’m like; fuck that its not worth investing a lot of time. Don’t get me wrong I can cook, it is easy, and that is why I will never understand why some people claim to be unable to do it. […]

  • Eat Shit

    I am not another user I am just testing out to see what other account will look like on my shit.

  • 113320270914389204

    Having a “Party” or “Having People Over” At some point it seems that I grew out of having “parties” and instead would just have “people over”. Then I started thinking WTF is the difference. Both involve alcohol and with the people I usually “have over” or “have me over” this is usually a lot of […]

  • 113180670131716949

    [Music – Rock] Alien Ant Farm -…: “[Music – Rock] Alien Ant Farm – 3rd Draft – 2005 {TM} [WWW.TORRENTMAFIA.COM]” (Via TorrentSpy.) Damn I love new music, uDaMan will be more excited about this than me but I will still give it a listen. We did go to the Alien Ant Farm Show about a […]

  • 113155111897857700

    [Music – Progressive Rock] Mars Volta, The…: “[Music – Progressive Rock] Mars Volta, The – 2005 – Scabdates [EAC –> FLAC + CD Art]” (Via TorrentSpy.) Holy Shit, I didn’t even know this was coming out. I cannot download this fast enough 6 hours 40 minutes is too long.

  • Hevy Devy & Pics

    New Devin Townsend – Synchestra The release date is set for February, but according to the album is complete so keep an eye out for it. Also I don’t remember if I sent you the pics from the Halloween weekend or not. Softballz & Sam’s House SYL show The show of course was awesome, […]

  • Revised 12-10-06 (I have a domain & you are on it)

    Due to my recent problems (2 months ago) with my email address, I have decided that it is time to purchase my own domain name. What is a domain name, well here is an example that should clear up that: or Pretty simple huh and they only cost like $9 for 5 years. […]

  • 112939847368914016

    uDaMan sometimes notDaMan So uDaMan just broke up with her boyfriend sCurtis, and she has been complaining about what an asshole he is/was whatever. On thursday I was just going to watch some TV & go to bed sober, but uDaMan wanted to come over and get shitfaced. So that is what we did and […]

  • 112912932092404757

    I haven’t posted in awhile, but I just had to with this one. You have to admit this is pretty damn funny.

  • 2 Days in a Row (Posting)

    Work has been slow so I have had time to post again. This morning on my hour and a half commute to work I decided to post the last 4 songs from the new Coheed & Cambria album. Besides Led Zeppelin & The Rolling Stones this is all that I have been listening to since […]