Hevy Devy & Pics

New Devin Townsend – Synchestra

The release date is set for February, but according to hevydevy.com the album is complete so keep an eye out for it.

Also I don’t remember if I sent you the pics from the Halloween weekend or not.

Softballz & Sam’s House

SYL show

The show of course was awesome, unfortunately they put SYL on before It Dies Today (a gay ass trendy fucking hard core band with Fall Out Boy haircuts) and Fear Factory. So they only got 30 min to play with meant no O.M.F.G., SYL, or even Detox. Ohh ya and I don’t have a picture of it but I got to meet Gene and shake his hand. Not only is he fat as hell, but he is really tall too.

…and I am probably going out drinking in FLake on Sat. so you should probably join me.


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