uDaMan sometimes notDaMan

So uDaMan just broke up with her boyfriend sCurtis, and she has been complaining about what an asshole he is/was whatever. On thursday I was just going to watch some TV & go to bed sober, but uDaMan wanted to come over and get shitfaced. So that is what we did and the night turned out to be pretty fucking lame for reasons that are not important to this story. When when I decided to call it a night I hear uDaMan complaining that she can’t stay because the has not contact solution. So she goes in search of a solution that doesn’t involve her drinking & driving. After she rejects my offers to help, which I seemed to think were helpful at the time, but again not important to the story. I continue to get ready for sleep, and this is when I catch here writing this letter:


I just wanted you to know that if I die tonight that always loved you and probabley always would’ve but I tried to wake you up because I needed someone but you just yelled at me I’ll miss you & tell my brother that I love him and wish the best for both of you

Now I have just typed this letter word for word because I was able to literally twist her arm in order to recover this crumpled up note from her fist. She really didn’t want to give it up. After reading it I am sure everyone can see why. It is not extremely embarrassing, but it is defiantly over dramatic teenage bullshit and I did her a favor by intercepting this. It really doesn’t matter who reads this here as long as sCurtis himself doesn’t get to see it. Don’t worry it is safe from his eyes here. Although he might be gifted enough to actually turn the computer on I am sure that this internet thing still baffles him.

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