This Weeks Links Into One King Pic

In yet another attempt to spice up the links portion of hjays I decided to start adding one of the many photos I download. This should be relatively easy due to the fact that I HAVE to consolidate all the links into one post at the end of the week. AFB has been complaining again about my less worthy link posts pushing his stellar work off of the main page.

Sure more often than not these are the posts that are skipped over. The fact of the matter is that they are automatically posted once a day from things I bookmark on my account. Regular updates are important to keep traffic coming in. This being said they are MY personal bookmarks and I like to think that I don’t JUST read crap on the net. The real problem with the links is, and well with hjays in general, is that it is too random.

AFB does not want to read my tech stuff. I don’t give a fuck about his sports shit. We find a very common ground on the neked bitch ass fuck AZN porn side of the site, but that cannot be allowed to rule either. If it did shit here would quickly get out of hand. The funny internet shit of stupid people doin’ stupid funny or original shit works. Then on the other hand I often make it cross the line of what is interesting to regular people and what is interesting to geeks or Mac users.

Anyway as usual I promise things are in the works to make the site better. The one thing that can do that the best is of course beyond my control and that is the comments. I can tell by the stats that plenty of people are hitting the site. Thanks for showing up and I hope you found something enjoyable or informative.

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